Only Opaques - Gemma M

Today at Only Opaques, you can see this naughty movie of Gemma M. She’s dressed as a very erotic looking fairy. She can definitely make some wishes come true in this outfit – a white soft slip, white stockings and suspenders. It’s not long before she’s taking off the slip and revealing white bra with matching thong. And since we’ve been so good, Gemma is soon topless, posing on the bed in just her thong and stockings.

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Posted by fully clothed Maria on: November 23, 2014

Only Tease - Zoe M

Anybody ready to join this very busty brunette cutie for a night on the town? It looks like Zoe M is about ready to face out the door, but before she goes she gives us a look at her amazing body in her naughty outfit. Zoe is wearing a rather low cut red halter dress that really shows off her knockers. Underneath, she’s wearing a pair of white panties, along with her sheer white stockings and suspenders.

Click here to see more of Zoe M, her naughty body and her erotic outfit. Right now, there’s close to 375 models at Only Tease, but it’s not hard to figure out why Zoe is one of the most popular ones. I think it has something to do with the way her naughty body looks good in just about any outfit she chooses.

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Posted by fully clothed Maria on: November 19, 2014

Only Melanie And Only Carla

Carla Brown and I stopped by the office today. We came dressed as some sexy secretaries ready to get some work done. However, it wasn’t long before we forgot about answering the phones, typing up reports and started to get a petite distracted. Carla was wearing this cute short and vest outfit with purple pantyhose. I was wearing a cute black dress with black stockings. Of course, we were both wearing glasses to really complete these naughty outfits.

Want to see what we were wearing underneath our business clothes? Click here to visit the Only Melanie website. There you can see all of the pictures from this photo shoot as well as all of my other photo shoots. Of course, you can also download all of my videos there, save them to your computer and watch them anytime that you want.

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Posted by fully clothed Maria on: November 16, 2014

Lucy Briggs is a cute blonde teenie who has always tried to blend in to the background. Being something of a wallflower this cute teenie babe doesn't like being the center of attention at anyone's party but get her alone and this delicate petite flower likes to blossom in to a kinky blonde teenie who will do anything to make sure that you're happy! As soon as that camera starts to snap Lucy can be found striking a pose and teasing you like no other could. The fact that she's so shy when she wants to be just makes Lucy something even more special when the time comes to take it all off for the camera!

Take a look at these pictures of Lucy as she shows off in her naughty tank top and short denim skirt. Kneeling up on the bed Lucy makes sure to flash just a petite of her lacy thong for the camera and with a smile she lets her fingers follow your eyes down to those silky thong. Lucy doesn't hesitate to keep teasing as she slips that skirt down and then moves on to peeling off her tiny pink and orange tank top! Her matching lace bra and pantie set is more than any dude can take and Lucy knows it!

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Posted by fully clothed Maria on: November 13, 2014

Only Opaques - Ellie

Check out these erotic photos of a naughty blonde named Ellie. Underneath her fashionable black and white dress, she’s wearing a pair of black stockings and suspenders. Ellie likes to tease, pulling up her dress and showing off her long, naughty legs and giving us a peek at her black panty. Of course, she doesn’t tease too much. It’s not long before that dress comes off and she reveals her rather remarkable figure to the camera. You can tell that she truly enjoys showing off in front of the camera.

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Posted by fully clothed Maria on: November 10, 2014

Only Tease - Shelly R

Check out these lovely pictures of this pristine blonde named Shelley R. She’s wearing a casual outfit, a bright pink top, denim miniskirt and black pantyhose. She’s looking like she could either be ready to go out to the shops or face out for a night on the town. However, before she heads out she puts on a very naughty show for the camera. She gives us peaks up her skirts and even pulls up her top so that we get a perfect look at her perfect boobs. It’s just a tease to what happens later during this photo shoot.

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Posted by fully clothed Maria on: November 07, 2014


These luscious legs belong to a stunning blonde named Karen. Check her out in these Only Opaques photos. The camera found her in the office, dressed in a stunning secretary outfit. It’s the type of outfit that’s meant to be conservative, but she makes it very naughty. I love everything about this outfit, especially her grey stockings and suspenders. The cream colored soft panty and bra is just a advantage for me.

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Posted by fully clothed Maria on: November 04, 2014

my fetishmy fetish

What’s more beautiful than two people entangled in the act of lovemaking? Nothing! That why this My love update is one of the most beautiful thing ever to be committed to high-definition digital memory. When Lulu Martinez finds a mess in her swimming swimmingpool, she consults her man, who comes home to help her! And that’s when the action really begins in this week’s My love update. They go inside and she pulls her man into the bedroom by his hard boner and the two pound hard on the bed, she keeping her naughty silky and soft clothes on, so her soft love loving man can experience the shiny material as he rams his cock inside her cunt till he blows his load all over her.

Posted by fully clothed Maria on: November 01, 2014

Jessica Roe is a cute blonde haired, dark eyed teenie babe who has such a naughty toned body that even she can't resist sliding her hands down her long succulent legs. If you love seeing Jessica show off in her cute clubbing outfit then you're really going to love the rest of the chicks over at Only Tease too! Only Tease is the nets single biggest website on the net dedicated only to teasing sluts in their naughty lingerie and silky nylons. Unlike other sites that give you too much all at once over at Only Tease you get just what you're looking for with sluts who know just how to take you to the edge!

Take a look at these pictures of Jessica Roe as she shows off in her naughty skimpy top and her short leather skirt. Those soft grey stockings cling to her legs and beg to be slid down to her ankles. As Jessica leans over she lifts up her short skirt and flashes her thong underneath her skirt with a naughty smile. It doesn't take long before Jessica slips out of her naughty skirt and her naughty shirt and is showing off her naughty body!

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Posted by fully clothed Maria on: October 29, 2014

Only Melanie

I’d like you to join me in the bedroom tonight. I’ll be waiting for you in a naughty, figuring hugging dress. Slowly I tease out of the dress, starting with my belt, but it’s not long before I slip out of the dress. Underneath it I’m wearing a light brown colored bra with matching thong. I’ll also let you take a look at my stockings and suspenders. By the end of the night, I’ll be on my bed in just my panty and stockings, showing off my tender body for you.

Download this sensual movie inside the Only Melanie website today. There you can check out all of my erotic videos and exclusive photos. I love posing in naughty outfits, teasing in erotic lingerie and wearing beautiful nylons. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we update my site with new photos and videos for you to enjoy.

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Posted by fully clothed Maria on: October 26, 2014

Chrystal Lee is a naughty brunette teenie who is right on the money with this newest set of pictures that she just dropped off over at Only Opaques! Chrystal sure knows how to very a pair of amazing pantyhose but then again she's certainly not the only one because over at Only Opaques you can find hundreds of teens showing off in their nylons! Just face over and take a look for yourself and you'll find teens from every corner of the globe as they strip down to nothing but their naughty pantyhose and stockings!

Take a look at these photos of Chrystal Lee as she starts off by showing off in her cute white bodysuit with her delicious black sheer pantyhose on underneath. Those naughty pantyhose cling to every inch of her body and as they grab around her juicy butt Chrystal can't help but slip her hand inside her pantyhose and grab hold of her butt as well! Just watch as she receives herself all worked up and gives you a close up of her juicy butt in her tiny panty underneath her naughty black pantyhose!

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Posted by fully clothed Maria on: October 23, 2014

Only Tease - Tanya K

Check out these very sultry photos of a blonde named Tanya K. Tanya is rolling around on her bed, slipping out of her college uniform, with the camera watching of course. And as you can see from the photo above, Tanya is wearing a pair of black argyle patterned pantyhose. You can also see that she’s not wearing a bra.

Visit Only Tease today and see Tanya take off the rest of her uniform, exposing her beautiful body and posing in just her pantyhose. Of course there’s more than just college uniforms at Only Tease. Inside you can see all sorts of naughty and erotic outfits, the most popular kind of outfit is a toss up between the college uniforms and the secretary outfits. Either way, you can’t lose.

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Posted by fully clothed Maria on: October 20, 2014

Only Opaques - Rachel C

Today when there office with a blonde a vixen named Rachel C. Check out these Only Opaques photos of Rachel showing off her tender body and her nylon covered legs. Rachel is wearing a smart looking secretary outfit consisting of purple soft blouse, short black mini skirt and dark colored pantyhose. The shiny pantyhose look simply irresistible on her luscious legs.

See more of Rachel at Only Opaques. There you can see all of her naughty photos and photos from literally hundreds of other beautiful sluts. There’s also hours worth of movie inside Only Opaques. All the photos and videos feature a beautiful babe like Rachel showing off her legs in a pair of naughty stockings or erotic pantyhose.

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Posted by fully clothed Maria on: October 17, 2014

Only Melanie

Who would like to join me in the bed tonight? After a night out on town, I came home to my excellent silky bed. The camera followed me and took these topless pictures for the Only Melanie website as I slipped out of my clothes. In this Only Melanie gallery, I’m wearing a slinky white and light blue summer dress. Underneath, it might even be more exciting. I’m wearing only a pair of white thong and a pair of nude colored hold up stockings.

Come see all of my naughty photos at my personal website, Only Melanie. There you can see just how naughty I can get. I love wearing naughty clothing and of course taking it off when the camera is watching. If that sounds like it would be interesting to you, come visit Only Melanie today.

I hope everyone has a great weekend planned. I don’t have anything major planned right now, I’m just glad this week is over. See you on Monday.

Posted by fully clothed Maria on: October 15, 2014

Only Opaques - Vanessa V

A French Maid uniform is erotic to begin with, but throw in a pair of white stockings and it becomes completely irresistible. Today at Only Opaques you enjoy this photo set featuring a naughty blonde named Vanessa V. As she cleans, she teases out of her uniform, showing off more and more of her amazing nylon covered legs.

You can see more of Vanessa V inside Only Opaques. It’s her first time appearing for Only Opaques, but it definitely won’t be the last. She already has several other photo sets lined up to be released soon, including her in a college uniform with patterned black pantyhose and another where she’s dressed as a naughty secretary with black stockings.

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Posted by fully clothed Maria on: October 11, 2014

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